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Kamera Udara provide you various solution for Drone or Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) usage for your needs. Whether it’s for documenting your project, Property Monitoring, News, Promotion and many other uses. We provide you Aerial Photography solution, Aerial Mapping, 360° Virtual Tour Panorama services. We also provide client other media services such as producing Corporate profile video, Training Video, TV Commercial, Event Documentation, Printed Media, and Web Design.

Aerial Services

Aerial Services

Drone services for Aerial Photography & Cinematography, Aerial Mapping and 360° Virtual Tour Panorama

Aerial Services

(Drone services for Aerial Photography & Cinematography, Aerial Mapping and 360° Virtual tour Panorama)

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Aerial Photography & Cinematography

Aerial photo and video help us to see in much broader way than ground level photography able to offers. Specially when photographing a large subject such as buildings, road, and plantation. An aerial footage will tell a different story and perspective. Creating an astonishing aerial footage, a Drone need to be piloted by a professional pilots. Our high resolution camera equipped drones and our high skilled pilots are going to guarantee you to get the best results.

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Aerial Mapping

We provide fast and accurate aerial mapping service for surveying purposes. Our GPS equipped and autonomous drones can produce aerial maps up to 5 cm per pixel resolution and also can generate 2D or 3D map depend on the customer needs. We provide a level of insight that’s invaluable to industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, and land and resource management, or for gathering data for any area that needs to be looked at closely and often.

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360° Virtual Tour Panorama

360° virtual tour panorama offer an immersive experience that make the viewer feel virtually be on the location. Virtual tour panorama will help you to present your property in more immersive and interactive way than conventional photo and video, since the viewer can virtually control the view. The rendered panorama can can be viewed through desktop and mobile devices.

Media Production Services

Media Production Services

Communication media production services such as corporate video, website and others.

Media Production Services

(Communication media production services such as corporate video, website and others)

  • Ground Photography & Cinematography

Besides aerial photography & video, our team is also provide ground photography and cinematography services. Our team experienced producing various videos such as corporate video, wedding, event documentation and so on.

  • Post Production (Video Editing)

In order to create a complete video, a video editing is needed. In this process we compose from various video and media to create an amazing video. Kamera Udara team also provide video editing services.

  • Others

Our Graphic designer and web designer team ready to fulfil your needs of other communication media that your company needs.

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