What Types of Equipment We Are Using?

We invite you to learn our equipment and technologies that we use.


Multicopter is a Drone that have more than 2 propellers. Our Multicopter Drones are equipped with precision GPS flight controller and stabilised Gimbal to ensure a precise flight and great image result. The Multicopter used primarily for Aerial Photography purpose, but also can support small area Aerial Mapping mission.

The Advantages :

  • Doesn’t need a large space
  • Able to lift heavy payload
  • Greater wind resistance
  • Electric powered

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Drone Aerial Photography Hire

Our Multicopter and it’s cameras

We group our Drones into 2 categories. Advanced and standard. The difference is in image quality.

Drone Comparison

We are supported by 2 categories of Drones depending on it’s camera specification. the following table is the technical specification table of each Drone we use.

Advanced Drone : DJI S1000 with FullFrame DSLR

Advanced Drone : DJI Inspire 2 Pro with Micro Four Third DSLR

Standard Drone  : DJI Phantom 4 PRO 

Advanced Drone : Large scale Aerial Photography , HDSLR  , 3D modelling

DJI Spreadingwing S1000

DJI S1000 is a large size Drone that is specialised for DSLR carrying. We provide aerial photography service using Sony Fullframe Mirrorless camera A7R and A7S with this Drone. Whereas the A7R is a high resolution camera that can produce 36.4 megapixel photo and Sony A7S is the best low light camera right now.

Key Features :

  • Could fly in 300 meters – 1 Km Radius
  • SD Transmition
  • Equiped With Sony A7R / A7S
  • Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal

Camera and Gimbal

Sony A7R (Fullframe 36 Megapixel)

Sony A7R is a Mirrorless Full Frame camera that can produce 36 megapixel photo and 1080p HD video. The camera able to produce sharp images and beautiful colors.

Sony A7S (Fullframe Low Light Camera 12 Megapixel)

Sony A7S is the sony top of the line video DSLR. The camera famous for it’s low light capability. The camera able to produce 12.2 megapixel photo and 1080p HD video.

DJI Zenmuse Z15 3-Axis Gimbal

Z15 is a stabilised gimbal that will keep the camera position stable when the Drone in the move. The gimbal keep 3 axis stabilisation of the camera. Meaning that there won’t be any unwanted camera movement in the result.

Advanced Drone : Large area Aerial photography / Cinematography, 3D modelling

DJI Inspire 2 Pro With X5S MFT Camera

DJI Inspire 2 Pro is the upgraded version of the ordinary DJI Inspire  2. The Pro version equipped with Micro Four Third (MFT) Mirrorless Camera. The Camera itself is a slimmed down version of Panasonic GH5. The camera can capture 21 megapixel photos and 4K Video. The image quality is far more better than the ordinary DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Phantom 4 PRO.


Key Features :

  • Could fly up to 300 m – 1 km
  • Digital HD Video Transmission
  • DJI X5S Mirrorless DSLR MFT Camera
  • Image Quality far better than DJI Phantom
  • Great low light capability
  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal
  • Fly up to 25 minutes on air

Camera and Gimbal


DJI X5S is a Mirrorless Micro Four Third (MFT) DSLR Camera. the DJI X5S is the slimmed down version of the famous Panasonic GH5. With it’s interchangeable lens, the DJI X5S is the best compact aerial camera that able to produce sharp 21 Megapixel photos and high resolution 4K Video. The camera perform good in low light and in day light.

The camera already integrated with 3-axis gimbal that will keep the camera level.

Specification :

  • Mirrorless DSLR MFT Camera
  • Micro Four Third 4/3 MFT Sensor
  •  21 Megapixel Resolution
  • up to 4K Video Resolution
  • JPEG & Adobe DNG Raw Format
  • MP4/MOV Video Format
  • Interchangeable lens (12mm,15mm,45mm)
  • ISO 100~25600
  • Good Lowlight performance
  • 13 Stop Exposure

Standard Drone : Small area photography/video , 3D Modelling, small area mapping

DJI Phantom 4 PRO (4K)

DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 PRO is the fourth generation of the entry level DJI Drone. The Drone equipped with 12 Megapixel camera. The Camera is comparable to Sony RX100 MK V camera.


Key Features :

  • Flight range about Radius 300 m –  1 Km
  • Digital HD Video Transmission
  • Improved DJI X3S 4K Camera.
  • Better image quality than DJI Phantom 3
  • Able to Record 1080p 120 FPS
  • Suitable for project that need to be mobile
  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal.
  • 25 minutes of flight time
  • Object Tracking
  • 70 Km/h Max speed

Camera and Gimbal

Improved DJI X3S

Improved DJI X3S is a camera released by DJI. Using CMOS Sony EXMOR 1-inch sensor, the same sensor that Sony RX1000 MKV have. The camera able to produce 20 Megapixel Photo and 4K Video.

The Camera has been integrated with 3-axis gimbal, meaning that the result will stable without any unwanted camera movement.


  • 1″ Sensor
  • 20 Megapixel Resolution
  • up to 4K Video Resolution
  • 1080p up to 120 FPS
  • JPEG & Adobe DNG Raw Format
  • MP4/MOV Video Format
  • ISO 100~3200

The Essential

Selain armada drone, kami membutuhkan beberapa peralatan pelengkap untuk melancarkan penerbangan kami.


We invite you to the pilot seat. We bring additional Monitor for you too see and evaluate our framing. We use 7 Inch LCD Display for external monitor. We also can relay the image to bigger screen, as long it support HDMI input.

HD Digital Video Sender

Our drones equipped with HD Video sender, meaning that you can relay the transmission to bigger screen with ease.

Charging Station

We always bring Battery charger to the field. We need AC or DC current plug for operating the equipment.

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