Hello. We Are Kamera Udara a Drone Aerial Photography Services Provider Company

You Imagine. We Visualise.

KAMERA UDARA literally mean Sky Camera in English. KAMERA UDARA is a Low-Altitude Aerial Imaging & Survey company that was established in 2011. We provide Aerial imaging services such as Aerial Photography & Filming, Media Production and Aerial mapping for surveying purposes using Drones. Our imaging services will assist customers that have interest in precision agriculture, aerial photography/filming, construction, real estate, media production and industrial sectors.
KAMERA UDARA utilise the latest technologies in Drones. Besides utilising the best drone technologies, KAMERA UDARA is operated by professional pilots that have years of experience in Drone flights and in the respective field. Our professional pilots are safety conscious in every drone flights and will ensure the customer to get the best result that will fulfil their needs.
KAMERA UDARA is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. And available to be deployed anywhere in the world.


We have been trusted by various Indonesian companies and foreign companies. And the list is keep growing until now.

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